Location: Av. Eloy Alfaro N34-194 and Catalina Aldaz
Project area: 16.000 sqm
Architecture & Design: MATELIER | Michelle Herrera Architecture Atelier
Collaborators: OBRUM Architecture
Use: Offices
Year Built: 2019


Is an urban oasis, certified as the first and currently sole LEED Platinum Certified building in Ecuador.

Within 12 stories’ it blends the strength and structure of reinforced concrete with more than 40 types of trees and greenery, interlaced with terraces that display a beautiful and landmark façade.

Dynamic functionality is embedded in all productive areas, through the use of modular and multipurpose spaces.  This is evident in the sky rooftop whereby morning there may be a private boardroom gathering, by noon a product launch, and by the evening a colleague gathering amongst friends.

Amenities include:

  • Auditorium 75 Capacity
  • Conference Room
  • Catering Area
  • Gym
  • Open Payment Teller Kiosk

Sustainability Highlights:

  • Energy efficient HVAC systems
  • Solar panels
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Water saving fixtures

We view sustainability with a multi-generational horizon.



“Our responsibility with future generations is to build a better tomorrow, today.”


CORPORATIVO 194 integrates methodologies that are sensible with the environment and kind to its tenants.  Through the use of innovative technologies, green design principles, and stringent ESG parameters through construction and operations, the achievable high standard has been set.

LEED Certification is developed by the U.S: Green Building Council and is the most widely used green building rating system, worldwide.  It provides a framework for building design, construction, and operations.

Assessment criteria include:

  1. Sustainable Sites
  2. Water Efficiency
  3. Energy & Atmosphere
  4. Indoor Environmental Quality
  5. Material & Resources
  • Controlled sedimentation, encapsuled dust generation, and minimized debris, reduced the impact throughout construction.
  • The building is located within walking distance of several core services that encourage less vehicular circulation and pollution.
  • Public transport is available directly across the street and a five-minute walk to the Ecovía stop.
  • Preferred parking spots for bicycles and low emission vehicles are available.
  • Restoration in excess of 350 sqm of greenery with native, endemic, and adaptable vegetation.
  • Reduced heat island effect through the use of white/green roof.
  • Efficient water consumption equipment targets 50% savings, in water utilization vs comparable buildings without these investments.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems reduce water consumption.
  • CORPORATIVO 194 consumes 30% less energy than most corporate buildings.
  • The HVAC system operates with CFC-free coolants, to lower the building’s impact on CO2 emissions.
  • BMS systems provide greater control of lighting, energy consumption and ventilation.
  • Green Power bonds have been purchased from renewable sources equivalent to 35% of the building’s electricity.
  • Energy efficient elevators with DOAS artificial intelligence promote resource optimization while producing energy power.
  • 30% of building materials are regional.
  • 20% of building materials are recycled or have recycled content.
  • CORPORATIVO 194 has a recycling program for proper waste separation and recycling bins.
  • 100% of the wood used comes from FSC forests
  • CORPORATIVO 194 circulates 30% more ventilation from its HVAC system, than comparable buildings. This stimulates overall wellbeing, and increased productivity.
  • 100% smoke free building.
  • All sealants, paints and adhesives installed have low VOC ratings.
  • Flooring complies with CRI Green Label Plus and / or FloorScore certification.
  • 75% of the building’s areas have natural light.
  • 90% of regularly occupied areas enjoy daylight and views which follow biophilic design principles.



  • Use taps with low water consumption and choose toilets from Separate oils
  • Do not dispose of oils, strong chemicals  in the water. Separate them and discard them in the properly labeled garbage.
  • Use cloth bags for shopping.
  • Separate waste and recycle. Each material can be channeled for proper recycling!
  • Produce compost with organic waste. This helps your plants.
  • Use equipment that has the Energy Star seal.


  • When you buy something, order without a bag.
  • When you consume liquids, ask that they be served without a straw.
  • Avoid drinking drinks in plastic bottles. Use thermos bottle.-          Choose saving LED photos.
  • On short trips, use the bicycle or walk.
  • Share a car, in Quito the average does not reach 2 people per vehicle.
  • When you go to buy a vehicle, check the options that have low emission or hybrids.


  • If you don’t need to print, keep it digital.
  • Recycle all the paper you can.
  • Incorporate sensors and dimming in the lighting so that you can make the most of natural light.
  • Turn off all equipment and lights that you don’t use.